Vilgain MCT Coconut Oil C8

70 Ratings

Good, I use the "bulletproof coffee" according to the recipe of Týna from Coffee made this way is really GREAT.

I use it in bulletproof coffee 😏

I use it for "bulletproof coffee" and it's great.

Excellent👍 just don't overdo the amount, the first time my hand went away and it was hard, then I watched the amount and everything ok (I put in the salad).

It is excellent, high quality

MCT oil has positive effects on digestion, improving gut health and nutrient absorption. It is not stored like other fats, as it is immediately processed by the liver into energy. This high quality C8 MCT oil also reduces sweet cravings and supports brain function, especially concentration and focus.

Good in dishes

It is tasteless and odorless. I like it

Top MCT oil!