answered questions
Hello, may I please ask about the availability of the promised single-serve packs? Thank you :)
Hello, is it also suitable for breastfeeding women? Thank you😊
Hello, are you going to do a trial version of just one serving? I don't want to buy 10 servings until I try it. Thanks!
If I order, is the shaker from the picture included? 🙂
For people with allergies to A1 casein again nothing. :D
I would like to know if the product contains lactose?
Is it possible to ask for a sample of how it tastes at the shop? I mean, I'd like to find out if it's too sweet for my taste. I'm afraid I'll burn myself again... Thank you
Zdravim, chysta se i verze bez cukru nebo se stevii? Diky!
Liskooriskova with chocolate-protejnova version pour it 50 g, it would be for sale. I can't find it anywhere thank you
would you consider the samples, please? It's a shame to give 600 and then throw it away if it doesn't taste good.