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The idea and the quality of workmanship is probably fine. I'll probably compare it mostly to the manna I've been drinking for a while too. The consistency and mixing in the shaker seems better to me, it's not oily like manna, it's also thinner and more drinkable after mixing. What I didn't quite like is the flavor of the natural variant. But then again, my girlfriend is absolutely thrilled with it and she likes it more than the original from mana... I like the ingredients of Meal Shake better. I like whey protein much better than soy protein. (Mine tastes good, but again, I don't like their vegan version.) This Meal shake tastes a little worse, but definitely fills me up much better. I work as a driver, and sometimes I just don't have time to eat properly during my shift, so instead of a bagel from the gas station, I prefer to have this (used to be just manna) and then a proper meal at home after work. So summary: the product as such is great, I'll just have to try other flavours, I can drink the natural but I'm not completely impressed and the flavouring (like cocoa with a bit of honey, or just honey and cinnamon, which tasted really good with mana origin) doesn't work here. But the composition is obviously better just because it's really much richer than the just mentioned mana. After that I was hungry again pretty soon, not here.

Caramel very good, rather Christmassy, not hungry. It fills you up when there is no time to eat.

love the taste, and satiates for a few hours

The composition suits me, the solubility is good, it mixes easily and quickly, it does not make lumps but the taste is so bland, as they say - it does not offend but does not please. On the road and at work where there is only a regular shake to dispense it can be survived but at home you can help it by throwing it in a blender and adding e.g. frozen fruit or a few ice cubes and espresso etc.

Excellent taste, creamy consistency, satisfaction 👍👍

Taste okay, but I expected it a little better, but otherwise the purpose is fulfilled, when you are not keeping up you are at work, at school ideal, so filling.

Very tasty, excellent consistency, I have nothing to complain about (the only thing missing in the natural package is a measuring cup, but that's not such a problem)

Hi Victoria, thank you for your review. We have now started adding measuring cups directly into the packaging. It may also happen that the measuring cup has moved to the bottom due to shipping. We will therefore ask you to check if it has been overlooked. Should this not be the case, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will deal with your situation. Have a nice day,


The vanilla has a dead vanilla flavour and tastes like honest vanilla ice cream. Choco's good too, but it doesn't impress. It fills you up for a long time(like 3-4 hours for me). It's pretty good to stir, but I put more water