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Great product. When I feel tired during the morning, just one tablet is enough to give me a reliable boost. I drink coffee (espresso) 1x a day, 1 tablet fully replaces it.

Great product. It's saving me a lot in the exam room right now. I give before studying or before a test and great!

I can recommend it. One tablet in the morning supremely replaces the morning coffee before the gym and puts you on your feet. Of course, to each according to tolerance. I normally drink 4 coffees a day.

1 capsule at the right time for me means 4-6 hours of effect, for me a fine product

Caffeine is great, feels very pleasant onset. But I have the feeling that even if I take it after lunch, I still can't sleep in the evening. Is it also possible to take it by opening the pill and eating only half of the pop? Thank you

Hi Kristina, thanks for the feedback. Yes, you can 😊. Have a nice day.

Super, satisfaction

Caffeine super, the course works, slow onset and withdrawal, which is fine. But after taking the capsule I used to have problems with bloating, which in a quiet study room is quite unpleasant. I'll try another

Just caffeine :D but it's nice that one capsule has 100 mg instead of 200 mg like a lot of other brands..

I'm satisfied with the product, I use it on more demanding days when I need to concentrate intensively and for a long time, in mem case the onset of energy is slower and longer lasting.

will help :-)