197 Ratings

I am satisfied I put it in almost everything

Top! I recommend 🌞

I liked it. The taste is good!

Brutal addiction, I put it everywhere to flavour, when I don't want to sprinkle only cheese everywhere

My new obsession, I'm into everything

Super ingredient for salads. I use it especially because of my milk protein intolerance as a kind of "touch up" instead of cheese.

Excellent as always

I sprinkle it on almost everything. Super composition and taste.

Without it, my pancakes aren't salty :) Excellent source of vitamins and protein, yummy :) Adds a cheesy flavor and umami :)

Flavours and adds nutrients. We love it in salads or sprinkled on soup or feel free to try it on top of rice or super in various spreads. Doesn't taste like yeast!!!! And it's not yeast either :)