Organic 1 Minute Cornmeal

83 Ratings

Excellent stuff, really time saving, I mix half with the porridge and it's delicious even without the flavouring.

I love it! The best morning porridge with salt 😍

I love Vilgain's minute porridges. No artificial taste!

Uzasna kase ke snidani. Rychla priprava. Delam ji do horke vody ,obcas i mleka a sladim cekankovym sirupem.

Excellent corn porridge!

I love this porridge, quick and incredibly creamy❤️

After pouring hot water in it, there remain quite hard pieces of corn.. I put it in the microwave for another minute. Otherwise the taste is fine, corn-like.. :)

the best instant porridge , mnamm

Just pour hot water and the porridge is on the table! The taste didn't impress me.

Mi-lu-juuu :))