Vilgain Organic Beef Broth without salt

31 Ratings

The broth is strong, honest. I just thought it was pasty. But that's my mistake.

"I'm gonna buy a Crock Pot and add it to the birria beef" I drank it, and I haven't bought the Crock Pot yet. But I'm definitely going to try adding it to birria beef someday.

Soup, sauce, super quality and quick solution.

A total blast as a base for sauces.

Excellent full-bodied taste. The soup of this broth was excellent. I really appreciate that it is not salted. I order again!

Simply quality

I used it for the goulash and it enhanced the taste perfectly :)

Life Saving Hack - 1/2 in risotto, 1/2 in soup and lunch is ready x hours earlier.

Great broth in a few minutes on the table! I adjust the dosage depending on how thick I want the broth, or season as needed. I also use it in sauces. And now for fall and rhyme season in the fridge like when you find it:)

Big disappointment, tasteless water

Hi Eliška, the broth serves as a base for your next cooking, so it is not seasoned or salted in any way. It's up to your imagination how you prepare it 😊. Have a nice day.