Vilgain Organic Coconut milk

255 Ratings

Super👍 ciste slozeni bez zbytecnosti 👍 chutna skvele krasne voni. Nesrovnatelne

That's right coconut milk, it came out an insane mousse I can't wait to cook a curry and more.

Milk is good. Fragrant coconut. I use it often in toppings, sauce, etc., so I buy it often and try different brands. I will not forget to add this to my basket next time I make an order.

To our beloved curry dishes

Once again, perfectly executed food. Creamy, smooth consistency, honestly thick coconut milk. Top notch!

Excellent, I buy regularly.

The liquid thick consistency (nothing shrinks anywhere) is great. Good on its own to drink, good in tapioca pudding. I believe it will be good in curries too. Not for coffee, it's unnecessarily fatty.


Very good milk

It's more liquid than I'm used to, but it doesn't matter, it's delicious.