Organic Coconut

71 Ratings

Nema chybu😉

the best grated coconut on the market the smell is unreal

I use coconut flakes in muesli the quality is really good.

Perfect for sprinkling on your morning porridge 😊

Taste very good, fragrant, I would welcome finer ground / grated.

I add it to breakfast mixes and even snacks. Grated coconut contains a lot of fiber, plus it tastes great. It always enriches my breakfast and snacks during the day.

Fine coconut. Great packaging. Roughly grated, could be finer. I mainly use it in muesli.

It's great, really the best I've ever had. It will be my staple, just like your flakes.

This is the most delicious shredded coconut I've ever tasted - beautifully juicy, sweet, well, it's just great. I buy repeatedly!!!