Vilgain Organic Energy Cookie

338 Ratings

Surprising but very pleasant consistency. :) It's quite crunchy, but not dry at all. It's not your average date pancake and the chunks of nuts really suit it. It's just not quite big enough, but it still fills up.

Excellent snack with pure natural composition

The taste and the crunch are divine ☺️☺️


Good snack with good composition...I tried chocolate, apple, apricot and all tasted great

Tremendous goodness, I bought one for myself and the other was to be for my daughter....but you know what, next time I need to buy more so I can share 😃

Excellent moist biscuit. Just right for a snack. I will definitely buy again.

Very good! I recommend it. 😊

At first glance I thought it was a pretty small cookie for the amount of calories, but the taste is incredible and definitely worth it, I absolutely love it.

Excellent taste. Biscuits was not dry which is a super feature for me :)