Vilgain Organic Gluten-Free Bread Mix

7 Ratings

The amount of mixture is for a large loaf of bread, I recommend to divide and always make fresh. Preparation and baking is not difficult.

Easy to prepare and taste sensational😋

I just tasted it and I'm really pleasantly surprised. I will definitely order again next time and more packs. The consistency is soft and fluffy after baking (don't be scared by the consistency of the dough before baking), the crust is crispy but nice, the taste is great too. I admit I was slightly skeptical at first and didn't give it much of a chance. And as a big bonus, the price compared to other gluten-free breads I normally bought until now. 👌

Huge disappointment - the bread is just salty - as you lick the salt and then, somewhere in the back of the palate, there is maybe a little sunflower seed. For me, all in all, inedible. The texture isn't bad (a bit moist, not unusual for gluten-free bread), it smells pleasantly of caraway seeds, but it's just not edible.

Hi Lu, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the product. You have a message from us in your email. We would be happy to review your experience with you and resolve any complaint. Have a nice day,

I believe it might be good, but the instructions say 750 ml (????) of water, that's an awful lot. Still, I followed the instructions and tried to bake the wet cvachtanica. It failed! Only the crust was edible. Next time I'll try 350ml, I have more.

Hi, thanks for the review. We tried baking the product in this ratio, and it came out fine. I've emailed you just in case, so we can check the instructions together :). Have a nice day