Vilgain Organic Maca 500 mg

112 Ratings

Bio maca. Stands like crazy with regular use. Guys, go for it.

In the most stressful period I reached for Mace, and it helped me a lot. A very powerful adaptogen that helped me increase my resistance to stress. I recommend dosing smaller amounts in the beginning.

Very good and quality product

The only minus is the large daily dose. But after a month of use, I can already see the results, the return of menstruation, for me great.

I highly recommend it, in combination with other important steps, it helped me with the return of my menstruation, which I hadn't had the whole previous year.

Well swallowed, just a large daily dose, 6 tablets is a lot.

It might be good but unfortunately it makes me bloated.

A great dietary supplement Very good for people who are not able to eat the classic matzah powder

For a long time I felt like I had no energy and I didn't know what to do to support it. Frequent energy fluctuations and sleep sucks. Then your Maca jumped on me and it seems to have helped. I feel refreshed and am finally sleeping like killer. I have combined with magnesium and vitamin C as well.

Good product, in my case it helped with what it was supposed to however I would have welcomed if the tablets were stretched.