Vilgain Organic maize for popcorn

41 Ratings

First time homemade popcorn and great satisfaction

Definitely one of the best corn for popcorn. Excellent popping (large regular pieces) and good flavouring. I recommend

This corn is not just any corn! It is blue corn, which contains antioxidants and bioactive substances with a strong antioxidant effect. Homemade popcorn with lots of benefits on top!!!!

The taste and appearance are actually great - nutty and snow-white, but unfortunately the preparation in the pot/pan only works with fat - when prepared fat-free, only a few kernels puff up. But maybe it works better with a hot air popcorn machine... It's worth a try!

Great for making homemade popcorn!

We probably all love popcorn, but we also probably all know what all the 💩 the classic ones contain. I've fallen in love with making this popcorn with a little ghee or avocado oil + salt and it's an incredible combo! Plus, all you need is a hacen and a lid