Organic Peanut Butter Powder

557 Ratings

I love love love love!!!!!!! great for cassis or Asian cuisine! better than butter, better to control the quantity and it's not as thick as butter!

Super flavor. Great for flavouring porridges.

The taste is of course a bit different than the classic peanut butter, but not that it is worse. The great thing is that you can influence the consistency by how much water you add.

I'm ordering after several times, powder really with the taste of peanut butter 😍

I buy over and over again, great for baking, for dieting, good flavour for the calories saved

Brilliant product.

chutna jako arasidove maslo ale vic proteinu min tuku konzistenci muze te si sami namichat idealni

Well, that surprised me a lot! Brilliant, for home and on the go, can be added to everything, quick to prepare, great taste and consistency.

Very nice thing to flavour any porridge :-)

super peanut butter powder