Vilgain Organic Peanut Butter Powder

745 Ratings

It's great! Taste and consistency

great if you love peanut butter and need to cut calories

Great in a smoothie.

This is the most practical thing with good macros. I can stir it in the cassis, make arasida topping for noodles, flavour pancakes or cake or make "butter" of any consistency needed.

Sensational! Better than traditional because there is no that oil on top which is difficult to mix. And so you mix with water and a delicious smooth serving is ready. The taste is very nutty. I have already bought three to stock up.

Bomba, tastes great and has less kcal. 🔛🔝

It's not as tasty as regular peanut butter, but it serves its purpose, less calories is a bonus and it doesn't taste completely bad :)

Amazing gadget.

Great product - for me the most useful in porridge etc :)

Dissolves well, however, smells more than tastes nutty