Vilgain Organic Plant Protein Mini Cookies

500 Ratings

Absolutely perfect! ❤️

ah... Yummy

Taste wise I was expecting something different, it doesn't offend at breakfast, but there are much better treats :). Here you can taste a lot of protein.

super chut

Great as a snack or dessert after lunch :))))

you can smell the quality ingredients - really very good

Honestly when I first bought this I had absolutely no expectations...but this is the bomb! Great consistency, I love the coconut inside and the chocolate on top is awesome too. For me, this is one of my top favorites from vilgain

Vegan bars that have fine ingredients are few on the market, for me they do! :)

are intended primarily for healthy snacking. They have a thicker but soft consistency so they can fill you up, but think of them more as a sweet spot.

Very good, very filling. You can't smell the protein in them at all.