Vilgain Organic Quinoa Crackers

108 Ratings

I bought both flavours and the sesame was great but the other one didn't impress me again. But otherwise it's very good. I would buy again but only the sesame one.

Excellent and the kids enjoyed them and even ate them

I guess I should have expected it, but I was surprised that they were quite hard. Sesame slightly better than the tomato flavour, which was quite sour on me.


Delicious, I ate them for a sit down meal 🤤

Nice taste, they are not crispy like other crackers, but at least they don't crumble unnecessarily :) bomb!! Surprised how small they are :D Finally some salty crackers too and not just sweet ones! Thanks :) tomato with basil (pizza touch) absolute perfection!

A glorious, healthy treat with no regrets 🙂

Very tasty both variations, maybe the tomato ones are a bit tastier, but definitely a great and healthy crunch for any occasion 👍 looking forward to them being gluten free!

A fine healthy version of "crunching"

Very good, I ate it on 3 times. Once on its own and then with hummus. Excellent snack.