Vilgain Organic Red Pepper

70 Ratings

Super! as a Hungarian I love peppers 😄 and they are delicious and tasty.

Smoked paprika is a complete miracle ✨ it flavours every savoury dish, gives it a distinct smoky flavour - it goes well with both meat and fish but also with cheese, tofu, vegetables... I recommend to try it🤩

Across the street, amazing smoked paprika. Beautiful red color!

great taste and colour and smell!

the smell and taste of smoked paprika is incredible!

It's good to cook with quality sources like this Organic Red Paprika. 👍

I recommend

Excellent! I use this Aktin line of spices mainly when cooking for the little one and like chicken with this paprika? 🔝 You can really tell the difference!

Excellent - Excellent, I tried making chicken on paprika👌🏼