Vilgain Organic Truffle Cakes

285 Ratings

THIS WAS GOOD! Unbelievably good. I already buy in every order when I run out. It's kind of a sweet spot after lunch or with kávě❤️

Absolutely great, I recommend it 😁

While the truffles are made with quality ingredients (no unnecessary additives), the bourbon flavor is too strong for me; I can't taste the coconut and cashew. They are not bad, I just expected a different taste (more balanced).

Excellent, pure composition

I love classic truffles, so I was curious about these. And they are absolutely perfect! Plus, with a much better ingredient than the classic ones. I will definitely order again.

Yummyaaaaaa..definitely have it!

Excellent, I will definitely order again 😊

Weird at first, but then actually great.

I don't know what to say, it's just love, I could do it by the pound.

luxurious! excellent taste and great composition