Vilgain Organic Whole Milk Powder

answered questions
I wondered what the shelf life is on this product
Hi, does it fit in a protein shake? Maybe for work, so I don't have to haul milk when I don't want protein with just water :) My idea is that I throw a scoop of protein with a scoop of powdered milk in my shaker in the morning and just pour water over it at work. Would the protein have roughly the density of regular protein with milk? Thank you!
I want to ask what is the dosage for adding to porridge( a spoonful or two) etc..Thank you
Hello, do you think this could be a good alternative for making classic coffee? Alternatively, what is the solubility? Does it need a whisk or could it be stirred in warm coffee with a spoon? Thank you
You guys read my mind, just the other day I was thinking how cool it would be to find some good powdered milk :D