Vilgain Plant Based Protein

281 Ratings

I mix it with fruit and I'm satisfied. The taste is not delicate, but it's ok. I think the effect it performs. I recommend it.

compared to other proteins we have had it is darker, we were scared at first what we ordered, but it really is vanilla

Protein delicious, a little too little chocolate, but it's not a problem, you can add cocoa yourself. And very good composition 💚

It has a pleasant taste, dissolves well and is not too sweet. I am very happy with it! I'll definitely be using it again! 🥰(If there was a pistachio flavour I would be very happy 💖)

I'm all for the pistachio flavor 😏

For me it's absolutely great - I have vanilla, I don't like proteins and this one totally suited my taste (I don't drink it, but I add it to my oatmeal) and the ingredients are great!

the taste could be better, but since it's a pure formula without unnecessary artificial stuff, it's manageable...the composition is really probably the best vegan protein. And when added to a smoothie with some fruit for example, it's totally cool. But after a few times I got used to it and the taste doesn't bother me at all even in pure plant milk.

The protein is very good quality, it could be more chocolatey, but that's not a problem, because you can add cocoa to make the flavor more intense. I'm glad you have a plant-based version, because magnesium from cocoa is less well absorbed when combined with animal milk.

Super composition, I buy pravidelne👍🏻

Super vegan protein and taste

Taste and consistency excellent, probably the best vegan vanilla I've had so far :-)