Vilgain Prebiotic Protein Bar

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Really in a way the original color of the product, where you start to wonder if this is how other products from other companies would look like where they add dyes to cover the true color of the product. The product itself is almost tasteless, it's true that here and there you can smell some blueberry or strawberry, but not significantly just slightly. Otherwise, the product itself is easy to consume, it keeps the consistency and somehow does not crumble which I see as a big plus. It's just a pity about the 5g of sugar per bar, when the taste itself is not felt, it would be better to reduce the sugar or take it away completely, it doesn't help the taste much anyway.

Caramel cookie for me 🔝😋.

Excellent snack.

the caramel biscuit flavour bar was top! nice soft and smooth and just sweet enough... other flavours didn't impress me much, but the ingredients are very nice.

I love these bars, they have nice flavors and the consistency is probably the biggest advantage for me. The high protein and fiber content is great! The bars have become a staple in my diet

Perfect taste, the composition corresponds to the ketodiet bars.

Cosmic dust is the TOP of all three for me, it surprised me a lot :)

The taste is TOP, I don't like over-sweetened bars, where there is more sugar than protein and here it is exactly the opposite. I recommend it absolutely.

Only double trouble is better 👀 and the composition is also very nice

the raspberry pieces are a bit sourer, I don't mind, but if someone doesn't need sour so rather another flavor, the bar is otherwise taste excellent