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A total gamechanger - combined with digestive enzymes I finally don't feel sick and don't have a bloated tummy.

So far I'm taking them for a short time but they are easy to digest and they don't make me nauseous

I take probiotics along with digestive enzymes and I am happy. I don't experience any bloating or other discomfort.

Thanks to probiotics, my digestion has improved.

They served their purpose.

repair will improve digestion

Satisfaction, so far so good and they're doing what they're supposed to :)

I'm ordering for the second time, so far we haven't noticed any major effects, but it's always better to take this for healthy microflora.

Best probiotics I've tried! I feel an improvement in my digestion and even with the recent use of strong antibiotics, I have had no problems at all. I will definitely buy znovu❤️

No problem