Protein Bar – 60 g

Protein Bar – 60 g

Vilgain Protein Bar - The best protein bar on the market? In our opinion, yes

Vilgain Protein Bar is a natural low-calorie protein bar made from quality and healthy ingredients full of fibre. It does not cause flatulence, and you can take it anytime and anywhere. It will fill you up, and you will supplement your protein intake.

100% natural composition and minimum calories

Quality protein

The bar contains 28% of high-quality isolated proteins obtained from milk and eggs, which have the highest biological value.

Healthy fats

High-quality fats are found in the bar in the form of nuts and cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

Sweetened naturally. We used erythritol and stevia.

We wanted to offer a bar without artificial sweeteners, but still with a pleasant, sweet taste. We achieved this by using erythritol-polyalcohol. Erythritol is a carbohydrate-like substance naturally occurring in some fruits. Its advantage is the fact that it contains significantly less energy than table sugar or honey and has a completely negligible effect on blood sugar levels.

50% of daily fibre intake from maize and chicory

The bar contains up to 14 grams of maize and chicory. Fibre is important for the healthy function of the intestines, supports the favourable composition of our microbiome and thus contributes to our overall health.

Stop flatulence effect and abdominal pain

Yes, our bar is full of fibre - but in such a form and amount that it will help to digest properly without flatulence and other digestive problems.

The power of simplicity.

Free of artificial sweeteners, flavourings and colourings

Artificial ingredients? There is no need for them. Vilgain Protein Bar is sweetened exclusively with natural erythritol and stevia. Flavours are also of natural origin, and the colour of the bar is achieved only by means the ingredients used.

No inferior ingredients

We say NO to cheap substitutes and low-quality ingredients. In the production of the bar, we used only ingredients of the highest quality with the highest possible bioavailability.

No added sugar

It is probably not necessary to present sugar as one of the cheapest sweeteners, and you will definitely not find it in the composition of Vilgain Protein Bar.

No ingredients causing flatulence

We have omitted the sweetener maltitol, which causes flatulence in many people. Instead, we fight flatulence with quality maize and chicory fibre.

No poor quality oils

No quality bar is supposed to contain palm oil and other cheap fats. We used cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, which will withstand the production process without loss of quality thanks to its fatty acid composition.

Free of soy and collagen

These components tend to be part of low-quality bars, which try to increase the protein content. Unfortunately, none of these sources of protein is of good quality and has much lower usability for the body.

Who is the bar for, and when can you have it?

For anyone who cares about a good diet and needs quality food, whatever their dietary goals.

When travelling

Protein Bar is a practical snack for travel. Whether you are driving, cycling or walking, the bar will always help you quickly and tastily replenish your energy from quality ingredients, without unnecessary delays.

During breaks

Are you tired of preparing a snack every day? Forget the croissant and butter. The snack should be nutritious, supplement your important nutrients, and you should enjoy it. The bar meets all these criteria at 100%.

If you do not have time to turn round

You should have been somewhere else a long time ago, but your stomach starts rumbling. It is always a good idea to have one or two bars at hand just for these cases. It will fill you up and give you energy, for example, for a business meeting.

Net weight: 60 g
100 g60 g100 g60 g
White Chocolate/Almond
Energy1465 kJ / 350 kcal879 kJ / 210 kcal1524 kJ / 364 kcal914 kJ / 218 kcal
Fat18 g11 g19 g11 g
- of which Saturates5,7 g3,4 g5,7 g3,4 g
Carbohydrate14 g8,4 g13 g7,7 g
- of which Sugars2,2 g1,3 g2,4 g1,5 g
Fibre21 g12 g23 g14 g
Protein29 g18 g31 g19 g
Salt0,1 g0,1 g0,1 g0,1 g
100 g60 g100 g60 g
Cinnamon Roll
1492 kJ / 357 kcal895 kJ / 214 kcal1465 kJ / 350 kcal879 kJ / 210 kcal
Fat18 g11 g16 g9,7 g
- of which Saturates6,4 g3,9 g4,6 g2,8 g
21 g13 g16 g9,4 g
- of which Sugar5,1 g3,1 g2,2 g1,3 g
Fibre19 g11 g20 g12 g
Protein28 g17 g32 g19 g
Salt0,2 g0,1 g0,1 g0,1 g
100 g60 g
Energy1413 kJ / 338 kcal848 kJ / 203 kcal
Fat15 g8,9 g
- of which Saturates8,8 g5,3 g
15 g9,1 g
- of which Sugar2,2 g1,3 g
21 g13 g
32 g19 g
0,2 g0,1 g


Nougat/Hazelnut: milk protein 29%, corn fiber, hazelnuts 17%, chocolate icing 8% (cocoa mass 71%, cocoa butter 13%, milk protein, sweetener: erythritol), sweetener: erythritol, chicory fiber, moisturizing substance: glycerol, cocoa beans, cocoa powder, cocoa butter.

White Chocolate/Almond: milk protein 27%, corn fiber, almonds 16%, white chocolate icing (cocoa butter 40%, sweetener: erythritol, milk powder, milk protein, almond cream, almonds), sweetener: erythritol, coconut, fiber of chicory, moisturizing substance (glycerol), cocoa butter.

Blueberry/Yoghurt: milk protein 26%, corn fiber, cashew nuts, yoghurt icing 8% (cocoa butter 43%, milk protein, whole milk powder, sweetener: erythritol, lyophilized yoghurt (milk) 3%, protein crumbs 1% (milk protein, rice flour), ground vanilla), sweetener: erythritol, coconut, chicory fiber, lyophilised blueberries 4%, lyophilized blackcurrant 2%, moisturizing agent: glycerol, cocoa butter.

Cinnamon Roll: milk protein 29%, corn fiber, peanuts, white chocolate icing (cocoa butter 40%, sweetener: erythritol, milk protein, whole milk powder, cinnamon), sweetener: erythritol, chicory fiber, pecans, moisturizing substance: glycerol, cinnamon 2%, cocoa butter.

Coconutmilk protein 31%, corn fiber, coconut 12%, white chocolate icing (cocoa butter 40%, sweetener: erythritol, milk powder, milk protein, dried coconut milk), sweetener: erythritol, chicory fiber, moisturizing substance: glycerol, cocoa butter, protein crumbs 1.6% (milk protein, rice flour).

Allergens: For allergens, see ingredients in bold May contain traces of nuts.


  • Food with sweeteners.
  • Store in a dry, dark and cool place.
  • Allergens: For allergens, see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of nuts.

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