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Great for yoghurt

Great for porridge:-)

An excellent variant of regular crisps when you want to liven up yoghurt, sprinkle it on ice cream, or for flavour. According to the reviews here, I was worried that they would be tasteless, bland, but on the contrary they are very pleasantly sweet, certainly not so little that I wouldn't consider them sweet anymore, and the taste of chocolate is also noticeable. For me, an excellent addition to the taste

Super tasty addition to snacks.

Super crunchy with minimal calories, I add to cottage cheese with flakes. I don't mind that they are not flavored, but next time I'll try those too.

Great crisps for yogurt, cereal, pudding - they are so versatile and I like them very much.

Good product for me too. For porridge or yoghurt, if you want something crunchy. Great!

Great addition to cottage cheese or yogurt :)

I adore these chocolate-covered crisps, even for garnish they are amazingly

Great in porridge