Protein Granola

362 Ratings

Delicious and my son enjoys it too.

the cinnamon one with almonds the best I love it

Great flavor, crunchy cinnamon not only sounds good, it tastes even better. I recommend

crunchy crust fav, I already bought it so 3 times, it smells and tastes like tofíkkk

A little more expensive but really good!

Cinnamon tasted very good, but nothing I would have to have again. It's great for increasing the protein in a meal.

The granola is delicious.. But the salted caramel flavor is too sweet for me.

We had salted caramel and crust. I think the cinnamon is much better, everyone in the family likes it very much.

This didn't sit well with me. But it's not bad in white yogurt for breakfast perfect

I don't know any better :-)