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Your granola is delicious!

I had to keep my mouth shut so I wouldn't eat it all at once.

quite cinnamony, and at the same time a bit without any better taste.. it doesn't have the classic granola with pecans 😄

My favourite granola so far, it's delicious

MEGA EXCELLENT GRANOLA, I LOVE 🫣♥️ salted caramel with white chocolate!!!

excellent, but she came very overdone

Hi Radi, I emailed you to check on the granola. Have a nice day,

Taste and composition great, but it came all crushed.

Hi Terko, it definitely shouldn't be 😔. Please send a photo to podpora@aktin.cz, where we will check the product together 🌟. Have a nice day.

Excellent granola that has big chunks in it.

Like all the other Vilgain granola top :) taste great.

I could eat cinnamon and cocoa flavors with milk chocolate all the time. It's so good. 🥰