645 Ratings

Excellent 👍🏼

Very good, super giant chunks, not over sweetened, definitely not my last ☺️

Excellent and tasty and could easily have less sugar, on a Keto diet

The best I've had

For cinnamon lovers the best ☺️☺️

Great and crispy😍

the best granola I've ever had ❤️

Best granola I've ever had. 😍

The granola itself is perfect, the best was the salted caramel, but sweeter, crunchy cinnamon is great but I deduct one star for the fact that it really beats everything. The pistachio version would have been the absolute best (it's neither as sweet nor insanely pronounced), but I don't know if it's the batch, but it's nowhere near as crunchy as the caramel and cinnamon, which kind of ruins it.

Too sweet for me, but otherwise great