Vilgain Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix

104 Ratings

Great taste, I just add water 2x more than the package says😉 but otherwise top

Awfully good🤤 I just add more water. I have it with cottage cheese, banana and nut butter

Super quickie for kids after training

scrumptious :)

Quick preparation and excellent taste. Protein does not smell too much.

Excellent! The best waffle mix.

Very tasty pancakes. Not as fluffy as the classic ones, but it definitely doesn't take away from the taste. And when you add yoghurt, maple syrup and chopped pecans it makes a fantastic breakfast!

The pecans are delicious 😍 The waffles are beautifully crispy and those big chunks of pecans. The natural flavor didn't do well for me. When I mix it with water it totally burns (I grease the waffle iron), with milk the waffles are very dark compared to the classic homemade dough. The taste is good. I will order again only pecans 🙏🏻

absolute top

Great! Like everything from Aktinu. There's nothing like the quality.