Vilgain Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix

163 Ratings

great! Very tasty!

Excellent! I will buy this regularly!

For me the best waffle batter... it's neutral so you can flavour it with whatever you fancy, plus the waffles are ready in 10 minutes, I definitely recommend it

They are quick to prepare. Tasteless dough, but if you put nut butter and fruit on top, it's great and just right!

Luxurious quick breakfast, I will definitely be ordering again

Great stuff, I just add water and I have beautiful pancakes. I just had to add more water than the instructions said, the batter was too thick. After thinning it out, it was great, even my husband enjoyed it.

My favorite snack that fills you up, provides nutrients and is ultra easy to prepare. I usually add eggs to the batter, but it's not necessary. The waffles are beautifully fluffy, except the waffle maker could wash itself :D

Amazing waffle mix😉

I tried the pecan with crust based on the reviews - 💣! I made waffles-crunchy, but sweet - you did an incredible job with this👏

Taste really great. So far I have only tried it in a waffle maker and despite the ghee I coated the waffle maker with, the waffles were very sticky. I literally had to pull them out of the waffle maker.