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This meat surprised me a lot. Tastes delicious and it's great to have it at home as a backup when you're not in the mood. Or it's great for hikes with an override somewhere outdoors.

Excellent, it crumbles beautifully and is such a quick fix when you don't have time or don't want to stand at the stove for an hour.

you can, it reminds me a little bit of canned cat food but that's because canned cat food is on a whole different level :D but I recommend it, for a quick dinner when you forget to take the meat out of the freezer

A great helper and quick source of protein when there is no time to cook.

The meat tastes good, but don't expect fried chicken breast :) The only thing is it's too much for me, if you use for two people for two days so great, but for one is quite zahul to consume in two days 400 g 😅 But for travel great :)

Very tasty! I will gladly order again.

Excellent! Only the spices could be ground more finely and spread better.

excellent, I did not expect such a great taste.

I like it, but it's crazy salty for me.

Unfortunately I'm disappointed, after buying the canned chicken I wanted to go for a bigger package. But the taste is not as good and the consistency is also not up to the canned one, here are more like ground pieces and not whole breasts :/

Hi Pete, Vilgain RE2 Chicken is not a larger package of Vilgain Chicken Breast in a can, where you can actually find whole pieces of chicken breast. Vilgain R2E Chicken in a jar is more suitable for e.g. homemade gyros etc. However, both products have a pure composition and contain only meat, salt and pepper :). Have a nice day