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Hello, I noticed that you have changed the composition of the tostak, it now contains malt flour. You have it physically on the toast label. It's not listed here on the website, but you still have the original ingredients. Are you going to use malt flour all the time now or is this just a temporary change. Toastak with malt flour is not suitable for gdm. The former composition ( which you still have written above) was better. Thank you for your reply,have a nice day,Jana
Dobrý den, obsahuje tousťak otruby?
How many slices are in a pack and how many grams are in a slice?
Hello, is the toast treated with ethyl alcohol? Thank you.
Lovely Hello, are you planning to offer the three pack at a discounted price again? Alternatively, when will this option be available again? Thank you very much in advance for your reply and have a nice day! Adele
Why don't you use virgin olive oil?
Aren't you also planning a gluten-free version?
Hi it's suitable for children (10)years old
Would you like to make a gluten-free version?