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Super combined shaker, everything immediately available.

Good Shaker. The color combination is very pleasant and at the same time the shaker is a very practical accessory for every athlete thanks to the trays. As far as the Shaker's ability to perform its function is concerned, it does it perfectly. I can only recommend it.

This shaker really has everything I expect from a gym bottle 👉🏻✅easy to open, yet waterproof (doesn't leak, doesn't spill💧),✅string to mix protein against lumps, ✅practical containers for protein, supplements... MUST HAVE! ❤️

Super shaker!

Functionally great. I like the fact that the magazines have their own cap and also a small tablet tray that sits snapped into the cap of one of the magazines. I was just expecting a more translucent green part in the purchased version (Dark jungle) - according to the visual. When unpacked, the color looked more like an opaque plastic.

Size is just right, color is great, no leaks. 2 magazines are great. Only the metal spiral doesn't mix the protein that well.

I love that it doesn't leak a drop

Price, quality super. The containers are large enough

Perfect. Very practical

Divine color, does not bleed and I praise the mini boxes. Satisfaction.