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A perfect shaker that is pleasing to the eye and mixes protein well.

A wonky practical and, above all, durable shaker, worthy of recommendation.

Unfortunately, disappointing. The cap is very easy to open, and in the few days I've had the bottle, I've spilled the contents several times (I carry it in the side pocket of my backpack). The bottle also has numbers for measuring, but it doesn't have lines, so it's a guessing game anyway.

Hi Nicole, we are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with the product. The shaker needs to be screwed in properly and the lid needs to be properly snapped on. You don't have to be afraid to push a little harder until you hear the clicking sound. Then the shaker should seal fine :-). Have a nice day.

Great mix, well thought out

Great shaker, seals as it should, doesn't leak, doesn't leave lumps of protein. I recommend it!

beautiful and design... definitely recommend...

Nice little shaker. I'm thrilled with it. :)

Perfect for travelling

Great, leaves no lumps.

awesome shaker, I use it every day for everything 😁 there is a measuring cup on the side, a grip on the lid and a ball inside for mixing, it has everything I wanted from a shaker and it comes in different colours 😄