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I wouldn't call it a miracle, but it's a great aid to better quality sleep if you follow sleep hygiene :)

works as described :-)

Great product, if you take it regularly and don't skip, the haircut is getting better and better. Bomba thing. You just have to remember that the basis of everything is to strictly adhere to the diet, ensure a quality, varied diet, regular daily exercise and most importantly not to overeat in the evening, the last meal 17,00-18,00, otherwise it will not work for you..

I really sleep much better and it reflects a lot on my mood and its fluctuations, which I hardly notice anymore

Improves sleep quality and speed of falling asleep

It calms me down beautifully and I sleep all night

Good composition. Helps for better quality sleep :)

Absolutely divine thing! I used to have trouble falling asleep at all for several hours, waking up often at night, but thanks to this supplement I fall asleep quite quickly and most importantly I sleep completely all night. I will buy regularly and definitely recommend it.

I have to recommend the product. I didn't fall asleep better or sleep longer, but the quality of sleep was much better, more deep sleep and REM, so I didn't sleep for months.

works nicely :)