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It's not overly sweet, it's very good, I use it in desserts as a substitute for sugar

Absolutely luxurious, we have several flavours and I use it instead of juice for my son to flavour his water in the summer :) classic stevia, I would just welcome a dropper with a lid instead of a pipette :)

Just two drops are great for flavouring coffee, cottage cheese or baking!

Great sweetness, caramel flavor fine but next time try a different one :))

I use it as a variation to iced coffee and it tastes great

The strawberry flavor is nice but the quality is not right in my opinion. The sweetener is somehow cloudy and has some sediment floating in it. That's probably not ok..!

Hi Alena, thank you for the review. If the sweetener is not stored in the refrigerator, it can cause clouding. I've emailed you to ask to take a look at the product together :). Have a nice day

very good sweetener, I recommend it

It sweetens well, but the aroma and taste of vanilla is very weak. I was expecting the drops to serve as a partial replacement for the vanilla extract, but the vanilla flavor is too bland for that.

I don't eat them much, I don't smell much vanilla and a lot of stevia. But it serves its purpose.

Drops super, sweetens, flavours well. I found the vanilla taste weaker.