Vilgain Sweet Chilli Sauce

52 Ratings

You can smell the roasted peppers from the sauce, it's a great sweet chilli sauce. It's extra spicy and I could take a spicier one :-), but I'm used to spicy food :-)

Chutna 😉😉😉

too spicy for me (although it's medium), but really excellent sauce for anything

Excellent and spicy sauce, we like it very much, everything tastes great.

Top chilli

It's good, it's just that even the mild version is too sharp for me. 😁

Taste perfect. And even though it's labeled as mild, for me it's on the edge 😁 I would respect the sharp flavor 😁

Really better and hotter Sweet chili I have never had. Honest overstuffed sauce, which is nothing to complain about.

Taste excellent, if only it was thicker

Very good sauce