Textile Resistance Band

155 Ratings

Really high quality rubber, which is perfect to practice with!

Resistance matches, very pleasant material, simple minimalist design.

The rubber is perfect to practice with, it holds and does not slip and the color, top!!!

Great!!!!:) I originally thought I would order only medium!:) But I'm glad I ordered the whole set!:) And I can gradually improve💪💪💪💪💪

For me, these rubber bands are perfect! No rolling during lateral lunges or other exercises when I was afraid that the classic resistance rubber bands would roll up to my neck. Nice product! :) (who is used to rubber bands - purely subjectively, for me the medium resistance of these fabric ones is equal to the heavy resistance of the rubber ones)

hard is realllllyyyy hard but otherwise they are great

Very good quality and nice color 😍

Satisfaction! I took the Heavy and it's a real challenge with it, it stays in place!!

Pleasant material. I took straight hard and for me it is really super hard! :D great challenge

So far so good, despite the fact that after giving birth I have quite flabby muscles it's not that hard, we'll see what the second difficulty... :)