Textile Resistance Band

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I've finally discovered an eraser that's great. It stays in place and doesn't roll when you exercise.

How many resistive rubbers are enough resistive rubbers? So far I have the "apricot" color of this trio, so medium weight, and I have to admit that I can't really imagine how strong the strongest one is :D (or am I just weak, I don't know) But the main thing is that I want to appreciate the rubberization (is that a word?) of the inner side, because thanks to that the rubber itself doesn't slide on the thighs, which was my problem with the classic rubber rubbers...rubber rubbers, well, we get it XD

Great, I can only recommend it. I love to work out with the rubber, it doesn't slip and fulfills its purpose ☺️

Super durable 😍

I have tried all three variants and for me great! The colors are great, the quality is great and it does its job in the exercise amazingly. Suddenly working out is a level away again 👍.


Resistive rubbers have been a trend lately and are being produced by almost every brand. But not all of them are of good quality. This one passed my test. It is firm, does not slip or roll:)


It has super resistance and is good to practice with

I bought the one with the hardest resistance (pink) and it's pretty damn sturdy :D And even I'm advanced, I have a lot to do with it. But otherwise it's great. The material is good quality, there is an anti-slip strip on the inside of the rubber so it doesn't slip :)

Take your workouts to the next level. Thanks to the rubber, you'll get your ass and thighs in a much better shape!🔥 The main advantage of these textile resistance rubbers is that they don't cut, they don't slip and you can fully concentrate on your training.

I finally found a quality resistance rubber that will last! Great solid material, flexibility and colors! They'll take your workout up a notch!