Textile Resistance Band

90 Ratings

Pleasant material. I took straight hard and for me it is really super hard! :D great challenge

So far so good, despite the fact that after giving birth I have quite flabby muscles it's not that hard, we'll see what the second difficulty... :)

The most beautiful rubber bands. A joy to practice! 🤯

The best I've ever had.

Rubber is awesome!! Only the hardest one is really for the very advanced😆

I have an orange one and at the beginning it was hard to work out with it and now it's much better, I can't imagine without resistance rubber 👏🏻🙂

great bootyband, quality material! but I cry after training

The rubber is perfect to practice with. It doesn't roll, it doesn't get dirty, it came in a practical packaging. Satisfaction :-)

Great satisfaction!

I've finally discovered an eraser that's great. It stays in place and doesn't roll when you exercise.