Vilgain Textile Resistance Band

295 Ratings

super quality!

I always use it to warm up before a lower body workout ūüćĎ

Super, properly tight and I hope they last a long time too ūüĎĆūüĎĆūüĎĆūüĎĆ

You can take this great exercise tool with you anywhere, it's used to strengthen the whole body, but it's best for shaping the hips, glutes and legs. There are three variations of resistance and each has its uses for both the beginner and advanced exerciser.

Pretty heavy tires. You can't use these cloth ones for as many things as rubber ones, but they're more durable.

Super, good resistance, suitable for home training

Great, doesn't slip when exercising, looks like it's going to last a while. I would still be pleased with a larger selection of colors, but that's just such a detail.

Great. It doesn't slip. I have medium resistance and ideal.

Perfect! I finally found a good quality exercise eraser

The heavy version is for the really experienced and therefore I use it only minimally so far. The material is very high quality and the design is beautiful. I only take a star off for the rubber strip being so wide, because it is hard to hold in the hand when practicing upper body.