Truffle Cakes BIO

79 Ratings

YOU-NI-KA-CI-CI!! Really. Bitch. The consistency, the taste, it's yummy :))))

Great composition, excellent creamy taste.

A great treat when you're hungry:) Taste-wise I have nothing to complain about

I love it!!! They are the same balls as in the advent calendar.. and that disappeared very quickly 🤭

Very good🤗

If you didn't have a Christmas Vilgain calendar, this is a thrown glove! FLIGHT!

I'd get sick of it, I can't order anymore

I guess I expected more since it was such a boom. Tastes fine, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Tasty version of rafaelo, but don't expect 100% rafaelo

Luxurious. Full-bodied taste.