Cane Sugar

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Vilgain Golden Cane Sugar
Vilgain Golden Cane Sugar ⁠–⁠ natural cane sweetener without chemical additives
500 g
1,89 €
(0,38 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Brown Cane Sugar
Vilgain Brown Cane Sugar ⁠–⁠ natural cane sweetener without additives
500 g
1,89 €
(0,38 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Golden Cane Icing Sugar
Vilgain Golden Cane Icing Sugar ⁠–⁠ natural sweetener with high molasses content, sweet caramel taste and golden colour, unrefined, without colouring agents
500 g
1,99 €
(0,40 € / 100 g)

Natural brown sugar

Cane sugar is produced by pressing sugar cane and then crystallising the filtered cane juice. It is characterised by its natural molasses content, which is partially separated for other purposes during production, and the resulting brown colour depends on the proportion of molasses in the cane sugar. Cane sugar also includes panela which, however, retains its natural molasses content.

Cane sugar is a popular alternative to classic white beet sugar with a mild caramel taste. It is used as a sweetener in desserts, sweet dishes or drinks. Nutritionally, however, it is almost indistinguishable from classic white sugar.

However, not all brown sugar can be considered cane sugar. Due to the widespread demand for brown sugar, white beet sugar is often colored with caramel syrup or molasses.

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