Classic spice package ⁠–⁠ advantageous package of spices from organic farming

Classic spice package ⁠–⁠ advantageous package of spices from organic farming

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Vilgain Classic spice pack - the universal spice for every kitchen

Vilgain Whole cloves are an intoxicatingly aromatic spice that boasts whole, large, dried clove root buds. It's strongly associated with Christmas, and a brew would be boring without it, but you'll use it throughout the rest of the year. Both sweet (in hot drinks, compotes, baking, gingerbread) and savoury (with beef, in sauces for rice).

Vilgain Ground black pepper is obtained by fermenting unripe black pepper berries and then grinding them finely. It has a typical spicy taste and a distinctive aroma. You can use it to flavour a plethora of dishes.

Vilgain Rosemary has a peppery, resinous taste that recalls the atmosphere of Mediterranean countries and their cuisine. It is suitable to process it in a mortar or to bake or cook directly with dishes to release the aroma. It is a great flavouring for roast chicken and lamb and is typically added to Italian vegetable dishes and to genuine homemade bread with a drizzle of olive oil.

Vilgain A packet of classic spices in points:

  • Organic spices
  • without preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  • full of pleasant aromatic taste and aroma