Myprotein 6 Layer Bar (Layered Protein Bar)

269 Ratings

Appealing in appearance and delicious in taste. I will definitely order it again.

Very filling

The cookie crumble was rather artificially sweet and flavorless. Very sticky consistency. But I believe the other flavors taste better.

I LOVE IT!!! The best is birthday cake😍🤤🍰

I love the birthday cake variant, it feels like giving them some dessert, but it's a protein bar, it's sure to chase away sweet cravings

It was very good, just leho a little bit of a tail, but nothing too bad

So this flavor is not much. I tried the pretzel flavor and it tasted like Ferrero🥰

Good bar

I like this flavour a lot but it's not for everyone, it's a bit artificial and very sweet

Excellent bar, peanuts for me totally great, chocolate Sunday nothing for me - not that it was bad, I just don't eat caramel and it was not mentioned in the description.