Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate

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hello, I want to ask if there will be something creatine that is half a year passed? I had it in a box, sealed, so I prefer to ask, I'm sorry to throw it away, but again than to get out of it.. so I'd rather throw it away, thank you for the answer
Hello, I would like to ask if the body can get used to taking creatine like caffeine? If so, I would like to know for how long to discontinue Creatine. Thank you for your answer.
Good will you ever have flavored versions of creatine available again?
Hello, we have ordered Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate from you 3 times already. The first time I had it it looked almost like a protein, but the second time I ordered it it looked crystalline like salt or something. And well, the third time around, it looked the same as the first time I had it. So I was wondering if they make more variants or where the problem happened? Thank you for the answer.
Hello, I would like to ask you a few questions about the product. I don't have any experience with creatine yet, but I would like to try it. Can it be used together with a kicker and a fat burner? If I take it until I run out and then take a break what will be the impact on my body? Does it have to be taken regularly or can there be a break of up to a month? Is there any difference between the dosage for women and men? Thank you in advance for your answer, have a nice day:-)
Hello, I have a few questions about Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate. 1. How exactly does creatine work? Is it true that it hydrates the muscles? 2. What happens if I stop taking it? 3. And does it have any negative effects if someone doesn't follow the diet,exercise or just in general? Thank you very much for the answers.
It says 5g per dose. And how many ml?
Hello, I would like to ask if the unflavoured version will be in stock at the time of the special price, thank you
Hello, regarding the tablets, the dosage I understand, 5 tablets, but on the day of the workout all before or 2 before and 3 after? Thank you for the information, what is the best way.
Hi I wanted to ask how to dose it to make it work as it should I go to workout 3* a week thanks for the answer.