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Hello, could I ask if FlavDrops are suitable for diabetics? :)
Hello, when will the peanut flavour be in stock? Thank you for your reply
Hello, will the toffee flavour still be in stock? Thank you
Hello I want to ask when will the vanilla flavor be in stock?? Thank you
Hi, I would like to ask if the butter biscuit flavour will ever be available? Thank you:)
Hello, I would like to ask you if I am making a bun, for example a classic bun, how many drops (maple syrup flavour) should I use? Thank you for the answer.
Hello, I want to ask what is the ideal dosage in your opinion, because 7-10 drops seems too much. Thank you in advance for the answer:)
DObry den, bude zase prichut mango nebo cherry?
Hello, I would like to ask when will the maple syrup flavour be in stock? Thank you
Hello, I've noticed for the umpteenth time that flavours containing citric acid spoil very quickly. Coconut in particular, after the first spoiled packet, I didn't have the courage for a few years, then a colleague brought it in and it tasted great, so I ordered it. The first two weeks were fine and it's gone sour again. Same flavor marzipan, nut, cookie, cheesecake....not sure what it could be? It's really disgusting, it makes disgusting lumps when added to coffee. Other flavors where citric acid is not have never done this to me.