Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

3464 Ratings

MP's proteins are pretty sweet. When added to anything, ideal.

from the flavor I expected a little more, but the protein is definitely not bad.

For me MyProtein one of the best protein taste-wise and I always take vanilla, other flavors never impressed me that much.

I only use the unflavoured version and it suits me - I mix it exclusively with milk, never with water, it can also be added to puddings and other foods. The taste is exactly what my cells appreciate. With flavours, the aftertaste of sucralose bothers me, so I mix my own flavours from my own fruit, sweetening with erythritol without aftertaste if necessary (blackberries,...).

I like it very much.

Excellent, I can recommend it. I ordered a chocolate brownie and it tastes a bit like hot chocolate. Great in porridge too.

Good price, in the dishes can not be smelled so great

With yogurt, it's Top. In that combination, the taste of chocolate stands out the most for me.

Goods totally awesome

Excellent taste, measuring cup in the package ✨