answered questions
Hello, is it fermented or synthetic glutamine? Thank you for the answer.
Hello, is it fermented? Thank you
Hello, is it possible to mix protein with l-glutamine directly? For taste.
Hello, when will you have flavored glutamine in stock?
Hello, is this a synthetic or fermented form of glutamine?
Hello, I would like to ask when will the 1kg flavourless pack be available again? Just two days ago it told me that on 25.1.2018 you should have replenished the stock. Thank you in advance for your reply.
Hello, I want to ask if it is ok if I have protein and BCAA from the same company and include this glutamine? Or is it not necessary...? Thank you
Hello, I would like to ask for how long to dose l-glutamine or does it not matter? Is there a withdrawal period like for creatine for example? Thank you
Hello, when will glutamine 500g unflavoured be stocked please? :) thanks
Hello, will the 1000g pack of flavourless arrive soon? Thanks for the info Pavla