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Hi, I'd like to ask. Isn't there a problem with this product that the pixle is transparent? Shouldn't it ideally be darkened/opaque due to the effect of light on the capsule? Thank you.
Hello, is this product also suitable for pregnant women?
Hello, what is the source of the fish oil, where does the fish come from? What form of omega 3 is it? Do you have the results of testing for heavy metals and toxins, or can it be traced? Does the product have any certifications? How is the omega 3 protected from oxidation during processing and manufacturing and how is no antioxidant listed during storage
Hello, please how much does the Q6 product contain? It is not mentioned in the composition.
Hello, I want to ask if Myprotein Omega 3 will still be in stock. Thank you for your reply
Hello, can you please recommend some omega-3 fatty acids without the fishy aftertaste? I have often found with another company from the pharmacy that after taking it I smelled fishy (sorry for the word) after a while.
Does it contain vitamin A? Thank you
Hello, when will the big pack be available again? Thank you
Hello, when will the larger pack be in stock? Thanks
Hello, may I ask when the product will be available again?