954 Ratings

for me the best peanut butter on the market, both in taste and price <3

Unbelievable taste, just the right consistency, I've probably never had better butter

We love it. Great in buckwheat porridge with protein. I make it into nut balls, too.

I love it!!!

top consistency, price, taste

beautiful pure composition!

Excellent. The only downside is that it disappears somehow quickly....

Excellent taste, very delicate, I will definitely buy again.

Too greasy, I do not like.

Despite knowing that it is normal for oil to settle on the surface, this butter was a complete disappointment. A completely solid mass halfway through that didn't stir at all. The taste is not bad but the peanuts are over roasted. The butter must have been sitting in storage for a long time or I really don't know what the problem was.