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This is great, the taste is divine­čśŹ

As a snack, it's very nice. Very filling. The brownie is sweet, just a little crumbly.

My favorite treat before a long run-it keeps my blood sugar stable. Unfortunately, they changed the recipe for the chocolate version, so it's not as good as it used to be ­čą║

Delicious protein brownie. Good when you have a sweet tooth and want to replenish your protein.

Very good snack!!

Consistency delicate and flavorfully surprised. Decent for a protein semi-finished product, without an extremely artificial taste after finishing.

The most popular brownie... Yes they have a little bit of an artificial "sand" tail, which I normally don't like at all, but with these it definitely outweighs the overall taste :).. The white chocolate flavor is the top!

Pretty good.

I didn't really like it, unfortunately I only found out that there is maltodextrin

Consistency not much, very sweet