Myprotein Soy Protein Isolate

answered questions
Hello, will vanilla be back in stock? Thank you
Hello, does this protein contain vitamin B6 or B12? Thank you for your answer.
Hello, are you planning to stock other flavours such as salted caramel? Thank you
Hello, I take nutrition from Herbalife and their sojo protein, but it is very expensive I am looking for an alternative I am interested in this protein could I replace it with this? I think you could also mix animal protein I don't understand so I'd rather ask. Thank you for your answer.
Does it contain GMOs?
Hello, is it advisable to add these proteins to porridge to increase protein? Can I add them to porridge to increase protein even if I am not an athlete? (I am lactose intolerant and have a minor protein deficiency problem). Thank you
I'm not sure of the ingredients. Alternatively, which protein is suitable? Thank you very much 🙂
Hi, is this protein suitable for cow's milk protein allergy?
Hello, how long will this event last please? Thank you
Hello, will the salted caramel be stocked in the near future?