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Myprotein Vegan Blend, for me the best vegan rpotein that I had the opportunity to taste on katin. I liked the coffee/walnut the most I also tasted chocolate and vanilla and they are sweeter for me, but that's probably a person who likes sweet;). definitely if you are vegan you will like it;).

That's a very nice comment :)

good ingredients, the banana flavour is so artificial, I probably wouldn't buy it again, and it's hard to mix, but the chocolate one is great

With my lactose intolerance, I can definitely recommend this protein. Super taste, quality vegan ingredients. What more could you want?

dissolves badly, I've had better tasting proteins. It's very powdery.

Taste wretched, like drinking frothy soapy water + a hint of strawberry. AllNutrition Vegan Protein Strawberry is a bit better in taste. But I suppose it's similar for everyone.

There's quite an aftertaste... it's not my favourite.

The flavour is good, but the powder is so fine that it is practically impossible not to make a mess when measuring it and a "puddle" of undissolved powder regularly forms at the bottom of the shaker, no matter how much I shake it.

Nothing for me. I haven't tasted this vegetable protein from anyone yet, and the consistency is also misery. I'll probably stick with animal protein unfortunately.

Kilo of disappointment - Protein has a strong crackly aftertaste, which cannot be overcome even by a top spoonful of cinnamon or two bananas. That's too bad for me 🤔

Average - I kind of liked it in the beginning but then it completely disgusted me. I wouldn't even want to see it again :D OK in pancakes or in meals, but I don't recommend drinking it on its own.